Current Projects:

Dorm Bathroom Remodel

Paving Camp


Since 1986 Thousands of kids have passed through the Lake Champion Dorms. ​ In the early 2000s four (4) 96-person dorms were constructed. ​ In the last 23 years those 4 dorm bathrooms have aged significantly. ​ The tile and shower stalls have reached their age limit. ​ In order to keep the high standards of Young Life Camping Lake Champion is starting a capital campaign:

Each dorm renovation will include:
  • ADA-accessible showers and bathroom stalls
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Shower stalls with doors
  • New toilets & Partitions
  • New Drop Ceiling
  • Upgraded lighting
  • New doors and Hardware
  • Upgraded mirrors and vanities

Dorm Bathroom: Funding needed

$2.1 Million

Renovations of all 4 dorms will be Completed in 2 Phases


  • New Gymnasium
  • Pine Bush Remodel (Infirmary and Apartments)
  • Adult Guest Lodge Remodel

Camp Development Principles

After construction is complete, Young Life camps are financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation are paid from camp revenue generated by the camper fee. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction. We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow.

Young Life camps have a long-standing policy to first raise the funds and then to develop new projects, facilities and amenities. This is so the camp fee that summer and school season guests pay is minimized to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.

If you are interested in further information or to make a contribution to the development of Lake Champion please contact our camp manager, Bob Hazard, at 845-856-6871. 

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